Fatigue or why you feel weak

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Fatigue or why you feel weak

Fatigue is common in a fast paced world in which we live. This condition can easily be defined as a disease because you run across it a little bit and our physical and mental weakening, if not take measures. Fatigue is common in young people, but there is no age limit and no one is immune.
Redovnoto sleep, accompanied by intense mental and physical activity leads to a state of exhaustion. It is characterized by constant sleepiness, memory loss, lack of motivation, appetite, general weakness of the body are noticed by others. In this state the achievements of individuals – be it sports or intellectual are dramatically weaker and more difficult. Training in the hall of pleasure in turning bad debt, is losing momentum and hasat forward. Ways to combat fatigue are quite easy, there is no magic pill that can help a mass refreshing drinks, which simply suppress the symptoms, thereby doiztoshtavat body. The best we can do as a holiday feel fatigued, stop and rest a few days, do not do anything that you loaded. That decision and that is needed is a solid amount of sleep (at 9:00), it is desirable to fall asleep before 00:00. It is mandatory to have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals as recommended and additional ones in the form of supplements. Mandatory for trainees is the whey protein in combination with amino acids to rebuild depleted and pretriniralo body. Also think about how you eat, whether meals are evenly distributed and that the last meal is not immediately before bedtime – this additional and unnecessary burden on the body during sleep and not wake up so completely relaxed, even if not immediately realize it. One or two hours before bedtime can take curd, soy or other slowly degradable carbohydrates to help prevent catabolic process while you sleep and feed your body at night. Protein shakes are also doing a good job when he was on soy and is specially designed as a night protein. Besides fatigue leads to reduced performance and to susceptibility to various diseases. All this can only delay and hinder you on your way to building a beautiful body, so relax, sometimes after a week’s holiday performance you can even increase dramatically. Remember that the human body is not designed to be used in extreme conditions, and active sport puts him right in them. It adapts, but this should be done slowly and carefully.

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