How to prevent back pain?

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How to prevent back pain?

One of the main reasons to build a strong foundation of the body and develop a strong back, is that good posture is essential for an active lifestyle.

Yes, correct posture is the result of a healthy back, healthy and back depends on several factors. Here are our instructions:

Train your body posture

Remember that your mother is constantly told to stand and not to slouch? Well, she was absolutely right. In fact it is proven that people who listen to the mother board have better posture and less back problems.

Do basic exercises to strengthen your body every day

Crunches, reverse bisepsovo folding grip, push-ups, bridge, etc., all of which are great for keeping your muscles in good condition.


Walking is the best exercise for a healthy back. You can walk for hours. Are preferred sites with a softer surface.

Wear good shoes

Give some money and buy top shoes with strong soles. They will reward you as you prevent back pain.

Do stretches at least once a day

Stretching the hips, buttocks, calves and chest. If you work a desk, take 5 minutes every 2 hours for stretching.

Maintain normal weight

Overweight will worsen your center of gravity, which is bad for your back and be careful.

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    I learned a lot from this article, great help for me, thank you!