Stretch marks – when, how and why?

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Stretch marks – when, how and why?

Every athlete and every woman absolutely face unpleasant phenomenon skin stretch marks. Stretch marks are visible atrophic scars. Most often they appear as vertical lines along the muscle underneath. These neestichni signs that lead to despair, every man is not only due to sudden changes in weight per person.

Studies have shown that many women have received this phenomenon are not even born, nor logs or lose weight. Skin is composed of three layers, which are not sharply distinguished. The first, outermost is the epidermis, is located underneath the dermis and hypodermis is last. Connective tissue of people associated cells, including those of the skin. This tissue is composed of collagen and elastin. These substances are in turn formed by the type of proteins. Most often the skin can not withstand the combination of excessive levels of cortisol and stretching dramatically, which makes it thinner and reaches, cracking in the deepest layers of collagen and elastin, resulting in ugly lines are talking about .
These features are most pronounced on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and chest which does not mean that they appear in different places is impossible. The reasons for the formation of these skin scars are mainly two. The first is the atrophy of the skin, ie its lack of circulation due to which blood vessels are pressed. So skin not supplied with the above protein and is susceptible to stretching. Atrophy occurs in rapidly lowering or lifting weight. The second reason for the appearance of stretch marks is excessive stretching of the skin. However, it can not be stretched indefinitely.

You may bodybuilder with a very low percentage of body fat and still have stretch marks. Massive and rapidly increased muscle stretch the skin until it fails and clave forming safe for your health stretch marks. Risk periods for three people and are as follows. During adolescence occur in our body hormoralni serious changes that expose our skin susceptibility to stretch marks. On the other strange was when people gain weight. It is important to keep everything under control. The most dangerous stage occurs only in women.
Because during pregnancy weight is increasing very rapidly, many women suffer from stretch marks after pregnancy are not removed. Likely to have similar cosmetic defects is highest between the fourth and fifth pregnancy stretch marks mesets.Sled slightly faded but still visible scars. With the second pregnancy, they become even more serious problem, which means that no doubt stems from the need for skin care.

Another risk now as I said is obesity. Every happened to him to relax and raise a few pounds more. You should know that the sooner this happened, the easier collagen and elastic fibers are damaged. Probably many of you already thinking how to prevent similar occurrences in their skin. Unfortunately, once formed stretch marks can not be removed except by advanced laser procedures, whose effectiveness is still questionable.

It is important to know that to keep the quality of collagen is necessary to take foods rich in vitamin C such are brewer’s yeast, beef kidney and liver, soybeans, wheat germ, egg yolk, blue aubergine, dried fruits and nuts, spinach, milk, leek, sea grapes. There are all sorts of creams rich in vitamin E. It is important to know that their use should not be when get stretch marks, but long before that. Start applying twice a day with mild and gentle movements until the cream is absorbed into the skin. Every day in the morning shower to rub with a rough glove bath, best synthetic material.

It is important to know that in summer the sun is a bad friend because it makes it more brittle and elastic fibers connecting the quality of the skin collagen. Given that stretch marks are deep and large the only solution is plastic surgery which is very expensive. What I have said, a procedure for complete removal of stretch marks there. It is important to maintain approximately the same weight. Particularly at risk are athletes who use products, which speed up muscle hypertrophy.

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